Smart, passionate, and focused on our client’s success! Our team of marketers, communicators, artists, illustrators, designers, and digital strategists were handpicked to bring your brand to life and boost profits.

Photo of Darren Seys

Darren Seys, CEO/Creative Director

Peak Seven Founder and CEO has been a leading creative and “idea guy” for over two decades.

After earning a degree in graphic design technology, Darren began as a creative artist and eventually lead illustrator for auto racing giant NASCAR/International Speedway Corp. Darren spearheaded creative branding and advertising efforts for large-scale events and facilities like the Daytona 500, Pepsi 400, Talladega Superspeedway and Daytona International Speedway. His creative works appeared in numerous national media outlets both in the United States and abroad.

In 1990, Darren relocated to South Florida and served as Art Director for a large commercial printer. By forming strong relationships with advertising agencies and major corporate partners.

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Photo of Kata Breman

Kata Breman

Director of Operations

Growing up in Hungary at a time when the once-isolated country opened its borders to Western culture, Kata became fascinated with the influx of brands that had more to say than “shoe from the shoe store.” Since then, she’s merged her obsession with brand engagement and messaging with a passionate pursuit of structure, numbers and timelines – becoming the poster girl for the agency world.

After a successful stint in boutique agencies, including a 2-year stay in London (UK), she
found herself in Hungary’s largest privately-owned, Cannes Lions-winning agency, working with clients like ZTE, Citibank and Bang & Olufsen.

At Peak Seven, Kata is responsible for the agency’s operational and business development tasks, using her unwavering, samurai-like precision to oversee projects for key accounts.

Photo of Felix Chi

Felix Chi

Digital Director

  "Origin": "Havana, Cuba",
  "Education": [
    "ISDI (Cuban Design School)",
    "The Internet"
  "Responsibilities": [
    "Bits Organizer",
    "Pixel Wrangler",
    "Data Buckaroo"
  "Hobbies": [
    "Cheap Travel",
    "Mediocre Guitar Playing",
    "Video Games"

Why Us?

Peak Seven is a full-service ad agency with a strong focus on brand development and implementation. Since 1999 our creative teams have evolved to include sophisticated digital expertise. Having an award winning art department and in-house development team allows us to double up efforts and ultimately have an integrated brand experience that is based on a “design first, programmed second process” so we do not get hindered creatively by development limitations. We work closely with you to define, meet and exceed expectations. In order to do that, our development strategy has two key components: active listening and lateral thinking. Active listening leads to better questions. Better questions lead to lateral thinking. Lateral thinking leads us to more innovative solutions and an effective outcome.

Peak Seven is…

imagination technology

We Don’t Answer to Stockholders, We Answer to You.

Owned and operated by Darren Seys from the beginning. Peak Seven has launched many brands over the years. Most importantly, Peak Seven can deliver what it presents from creative, digital, advertising, programming and more. This is important because it ensures that the brand is integrated properly and delivered in a timely way. Peak Seven has won hundreds of design and creative awards over the years but takes more pride in our clients’ accomplishments. Peak Seven is unsurpassed in customer service. Peak Seven is also heavily involved in local charities including March of Dimes and Kids in Distress.