Which Facebook Ad Format is Best for You?

Which Facebook Ad Format is Best for You?

Written By Ryan Haft - October 19, 2017


Currently, there are five ad formats currently supported on Facebook: Photo, Video, Carousel, Slideshow, and Collection. Today we will determine which Ad Format is the default best of the bunch and what the strengths and weaknesses are of each.


Facebook loves its photos. Have you noticed how your Timeline has become more picture based over time? Facebook took cues from Instagram (which it owns) and evolved its Timeline to be more eye-catching. Photo ads are fantastic at drawing consumers in with their fantastic visual display. Photo ads are also great at helping you raise awareness and take only a few minutes to set up and run. For the ad professional that wants to grow leads quickly and build off of impressions, the Photo format might work best for you.


If a picture tells a thousand words, then perhaps a video is worth one million. Video ads on Facebook are designed to pull in the audience. People love video on Facebook as it is just second to YouTube for most watched content at over 100 million hours. Video ads help you grow awareness of a product, promote something awesome, and push sales. With Video ads, you can tell a more well-rounded story for your product than in a Photo ad. These are for the marketers with a story to tell and the passion to tell that story in the best way possible.


If what you seek is high performance, Carousel ads boast the best stats. With the ability to showcase 10 images or videos at a time, Carousel ads have become a fan favorite and rank highly in conversions. Use carousel ads to tell a story in a shorter format than a single video or display more than a single product at a time. Carousel ads are interactive and scrollable which means they will leave the audience wanting more when that scrolling stops. Carousel ads are great for advertisers who want to really give the audience a great view of what they are selling.



Slideshow ads are quite a lightweight and cost-effective option open to advertisers. Tell a story using images that play one-after-the-other along with motion effects and sound. Video ads can be expensive to produce, slideshows are much less expensive and have a similar effect. They do not buffer like Video ads so they are playable at any connection speed anywhere. For the cost-savvy business-person, we recommend Slideshow ads.


Collection ads are probably the most interesting of the Facebook ad formats currently available. Collection ads are fantastic because they are undeniably effective, and great at telling a brand’s story. These immersive ads give the user a full-screen interactive experience that doesn’t require leaving Facebook. These ads are best used to drive awareness and bring in new customers that are curious about a product. These are sales generating machines that when made with Canvas, allow the user to be fully enveloped in your ad.


Verdict: Facebook offers a variety of great advertising options and depending on the business you want to promote and your budget constraints, you can offer your audience some fantastic storytelling ads and in the end, that’s what you really want to do. With great storytelling, clicks and purchases will surely follow. 

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