Written By Darren Seys - June 23, 2009

I wrote what I am about to say, not you. I thought of it, and you didn’t.
There is no “I” in TEAM, but last time I checked there isn’t a “U” either.
MY BLOG = “I Could Do That!” + “Yeah, But You Didn’t”
There you are, on top of the world again. Your high horse is higher than Cheech & Chong™, and your afternoon post Taco Bell® lunch visit to the restroom smells better than Bath & Body Works® on a Saturday. You are amazing, you are special, you are wonderful, and whether you admit it or not, you are plagiarizing the life out of everything you see and hear on TV and on the internet.
You know it. I know it.
“I’ve seen the commercial that you are pitching. I’ve read the blog that you are writing. I’ve seen the pictures you are taking, and I’ve seen the ad you are laying out. It’s all been done! Come on, show me somethin’?”
What about You?
“Me? What about me?!?”
“Ohh… well that is a different story all together. You see, I am completely original. I have originality down to a science. I am inspired only by the modestly awesome confines of my very own mind and soul. Psh, I don’t even watch TV! Internet, what’s that? I don’t know what you’re talking about! That is my idea, and I have only my (undeniably phenomenal) self to thank for it’s existence, I rule! ©2009 Me.”
Listen… everyone…
Muse, creative influence, ingenuity, insight…all of us need inspiration from time to time no matter how brilliant we all are (or believe we are.) Tom needed Jerry, Frodo needed Sam Wise, and Jordan needed Pippen (maybe.) We all are indebted to the endlessly available innovation and genius that we nibble on constantly in preparation for our next “big idea.” And YES, while the end result may be “yours” at the end of the day the blueprints were drawn long before your mommy and your daddy… you get the idea…
All I am saying is be creative, be amazing. Just don’t forget that YOU are simply the one driving the car, and not the one that built it.
– Thanks to Stacy for the Frodo and Sam wise bit, and to Full Metal Jacket for my awesome blog banner quote, word.
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Brian Tipton, Art Director
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