Internet Advertising Beats out Television – First Time in History!

Written By Felix Chi - April 11, 2014

It’s an entirely new generation we live in. Internet advertising is the king of the land now.

According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) 2013 Internet Advertising Revenue Full-Year Report, Internet ad revenue ($42.8 Billion) has beat out Broadcast TV ad revenue ($40.1 Billion) for the first time in history!

The figure below clearly positions Internet ahead of runner-up broadcast television by $2.7 billion, and cable television, which it surpasses by a comfortable margin of $8.4 billion.

2013 Ad Revenue by Media

The complete breakdown of spends across Internet advertising is quite interesting to examine, as Search dominates the pack with 43% of total buys. The two major channels that follow Search are Display/Banner ads, as well as Mobile ads.

Ad Formats 2012 vs 2013

We all know that mobile advertising is becoming the new standard, and the 2013 reports show triple digit growth in spend for three consecutive years. Mobile advertising comprised 17% of the total this year from the 9% of 2012.

Annual Ad Revenue 2004-2013

The main contributors of these Internet advertising dollars consist of retail advertisers (21%), financial services (13%), and automotive retailers and manufacturers (12%).

Internet Ad Revenue by Industry 2013

The most interesting data to see from the full report is how the trends of advertising dollars look over time. It’s a strong indicator that things are changing over night it seems.

Advertising Revenue Market by Media 2005-2013


Advertising format share 2006-2013

What are your major takeaways from this data? Leave your input in the comments below!

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