Join Peak 7 Advertising at the Tropical Nights Martini Party Tonight!

Written By Darren Seys - August 19, 2009

Peak Seven has always given back to the community and charities, we strongly believe in the mission and goals for March of Dimes and will continue to support them anyway we can. We are proud this is our second time having this event, and want to thank Bova Ristorant for their continued support of the charity.

— Darren Seys — President — Peak 7 Advertising

Please join us tonight at The Tropical Nights Martini Party! Ristorante Bova in Boca Raton from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., in your favorite tropical style attire as we sample the perfect “Bovatini”. Expect decadent drinks, delicious appetizers and prize drawings with proceeds benefiting the March of Dimes.

Check out the website for the latest info at

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