Peak Seven Digital Marketing Division Opening!

Written By Felix Chi - May 5, 2014

On Thursday, May 1st, Peak Seven celebrated the expansion and opening of its newest division, Digital Marketing. Both familiar and new faces were present at this party, giving members of the Boca Chamber of Commerce, as well as other local business owners, the opportunity to meet, network, and also learn a few things about digital marketing.

Darren Seys, President and CEO of Peak Seven Advertising, and John-Michael Del Valle, the agency’s new Digital Marketing Director, lead an open Question and Answer session, preceded by a detailed presentation about digital marketing. The presentation focused on the importance of embracing newer, digital forms of marketing and advertising, as many traditional forms of marketing and advertising are quickly becoming outdated and null.

Didn’t make it to our event? No problem, take our quick crash course in digital marketing below:

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We're excited to announce that Peak Seven has expanded to Denver, Colorado with the acquisition of Bigfoot Web!

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