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Written By Ryan Haft - August 26, 2019

The key to successful digital marketing starts with an understanding of some basic principles of advertising. Here’s everything you need to know about online marketing. (This pair of sentences was written by a human so the AI had something to build context off of.)

Read more, and then make some decisions based on what works and what doesn’t. As with any marketing, a good strategy requires a lot of effort, and more than a little luck, and your own work and creativity.

How should you do it?

The first step is not to simply follow the crowd. As a result, we’ve seen a lot of brands go the route of social media influencers. But that means creating fake accounts, and those accounts can be easily found. Instead, it’s time to figure out where the real world influencers are to begin your digital marketing plan.

There are various social media platforms that could give you an advantage. For example, Pinterest lets you discover new brands, and has a network of thousands of users dedicated to Pinterest. Or you could try a new social media marketing platform, such as Zappos, to become more noticed among the millions of Zappos loyal fans. A recent study showed that Zappos’ Facebook fans had more followers than any other brand on the network.

For the most part, the internet is an equal-opportunity space for influencers. If you’re looking for a particular type of fan, make sure to ask in the forums or on Twitter where you can find them.

However, remember to take your online marketing strategy to the next level by starting up a blog. There are a number of free and paid blogging platforms to choose from. Blogging can bring out some serious social media savvy.

Why do you need a web presence?

If you’re looking to launch a great digital marketing campaign that generates business, don’t stop at Facebook and Twitter. You still need to get your brand out there. You better have a Web presence, since most of your visitors will come to your website.

The online world is very crowded with information, and you don’t want to be left behind in the information revolution. You’re already a marketer, so it won’t be very difficult to learn how to put information into action. But there is a lot your audience can do on their own. The Internet is an open, global resource, and a digital marketing campaign should reflect that.

You can’t ignore the fact that there is a huge market gap between consumers and marketers. People are willing to spend money on their online purchases. It’s still a new concept, but many companies are trying to address consumer needs. If your content is compelling to your target audience, you’ll start attracting customers.


Be on the lookout for a follow-up blog all about AI and how it’s going to help and hurt advertising really soon! 

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