Written By Darren Seys - July 27, 2008

With so much of the world today focused on becoming eco-friendly, President Darren Seys of Peak Seven Advertising and his team wanted to do their part as well.

Recently, the South Florida based full-service design and advertising agency joined the United States Green Building Council’s South Florida chapter in an effort to make green building the standard in South Florida.

With a portion of the agency’s client base correlated with the building industry, it’s no surprise that Seys feels strongly about contributing to a thriving natural environment. مراهنات كرة القدم

The chapter’s programs and activities are designed to educate, enlighten and empower the region to adopt an approach to building that is both ecologically and economically sustainable. ربح المال مجانا

“I want to be sure the planet is taken care of for my children and future generations, and I will continue to sponsor organizations and programs that have the planet’s best interest in mind,” said Seys. شرح بوكر

Not only is Peak Seven a member of the council, the firm has recently joined The Designer’s Accord, a coalition of designers, educators, researchers, engineers, business consultants, and corporations, who are working together to create positive environmental and social impact. The association creates a knowledge-sharing network throughout the global creative community to share best practices and help accelerate adoption of sustainability principles.

Peak Seven follows an internal green policy as well.

“We have designated recycle bins for paper, aluminum and glass that are collected weekly from our office,” said Seys proudly. “In our industry, we can’t avoid using those materials, but we sure can be proactive in giving them another lifecycle.”

One of Peak Seven’s more recent clients marks the beginning of a new green era. Destiny is a 42,000-acre Planned Environmental Development in central Florida, labeled America’s first eco-sustainable city and the premier “Green” community in the country. To learn more, visit

“Green is no longer a trend,” Seys said. “It’s a lifestyle – and we are headed in the right direction to make a better world for generations to come.”

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