Sneak Peek from Behind the Scenes…

Sneak Peek from Behind the Scenes…

Written By steve - December 28, 2012

This has certainly been an eventful and productive year for the Peak Seven Team, but somewhere down the line we found the time to embark on expanding our brand and bring forth a major creative overhaul to revamp our website. Here’s a peek at some of the new items we’re creating for the upcoming year. Take a look at this mixed media illustration/collage I created for our new business cards. لعبة جاك I experimented with the updated color palette and incorporating some abstract elements which began to form this esoteric visual narrative. لعب الروليت

By juxtaposing other geometric shapes […] this sort of spacey landscape began to take shape.

Concept wise, one thing I was aiming for from the beginning was to play off the linear and angular aspects of the “V” and the “7” in our logo. By juxtaposing other geometric shapes, cubes, spheres this sort of spacey landscape began to take shape.

From there I decided to mix in some fragments of mechanical renderings, clippings of both modern and retro machines, appliances and electronics to contrast the ghostly terrain screened in the background. مراهنات رياضية


Peak Seven Advertising


The end product is a snapshot from a series of brainstorming sessions unified into a sleek, optical odyssey for the viewer to interpret as they wish. The finished piece beckoned to be analyzed and set the tone for the sites inception. Naturally we decided to carry this highly illustrative and artistic graphic style through or new branding and interwoven into the design of our new site.


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We are excited to announce that Bigfoot Web, Denver Colorado, a Peak Seven Company, was named “Best Cost-Efficient Web Design Company” by Acquisition International.

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