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Written By Darren Seys - June 10, 2009
We’ve all been told that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But, I have to be honest, I just can’t help it sometimes. As a designer, I just really appreciate good design. And when combined with good advertising, there’s just no getting past it.

One day during lunch, I was at Target shopping in the snack aisle and saw something called Smartfood, but it looked entirely different from the Smartfood we all know, with the white cheese popcorn in the black and yellow bag. Even the logo looked different.

So, why did these catch my eye?

1. My brand recognition was all mixed up. It was intriguing. I knew what Smartfood was and what it was supposed to look like, but this was something different. What was this new product?

2. The packaging, the look. It was clean and simple with alot of white space, yet fun and hip. The logo was made a little more modern with the use of two different fonts and the curves on the f and d and the addition of the leaf next to the d. And the splash of color at the top in a wave pattern with the ampersands repeated lightly in the background gave it just enough pop (no pun intended).

3. They were on sale. Obviously, this is one element of advertising that is a no brainer. New product + Sale = Buy it and Try it.

So, did I buy it? Yes. Did I like it? Yes. They are really good! So, bottom line—both design and advertising principles were at work here and I fell for it hook, line and sinker, but I got a good, tasty new snack in return. And I wasn’t the only one—at least two other peak seven employees couldn’t help themselves either! Darn good advertising.

Oh, and for something fun, check out frito lays healthy snacks website It has some cute things for just us girls.
This is my “Be One of the Girls” Avator I created on the site!

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Stacy Mathrani, Art Director

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