Flashlight Into The Sun

Written By Darren Seys - June 9, 2009

It seems comical to me that so many people out there are skewing the importance of updating their status on TWITTER or a profile on FACEBOOK or gettin’ nutty with the new layout options on MYSPACE (which are pretty cool by the way.)

WHY? Why is this crap so freakin’ “important” to what we do? What does it matter to the everyday person? ألعاب لربح المال

These people, better yet “we” have these huge delusions of grandeur. That, that one tweet or blog post (like that drunken 4AM scratch-off purchase at 7-Eleven® with a hot dog and all the free nacho cheese you can fit on your shirt, arm, and whatever else is around you at the time) is going to set us free. Free from the shackles of everyday life and onward and upward to the ridiculously high paying jobs we’ve all dreamed of for some agency in NEW YORK or MIAMI or… BUENOS… wherever… Where we do nothing but sit on our throne all-day whilst Hooters® girls fan us as we dictate our tweets, blogs, and priceless thoughts to a sexy librarian in a tight white button down shirt, little black barely there skirt, and seductively black glasses.

And all the people of the world will rejoice and bow down in amazement at “the one” the one with all the answers and enough FOLLOWERS and FRIENDS to spread the gospel of his (or her) twitter page to the unassuming masses, not yet ready for such a bright light to shine down upon them.

UGHHHHHHHH. ::deep breath::

Alright…Maybe I’m being a bit salty and cynical because I’m still a little behind all this new technology and still don’t completely understand its application in the REAL WORLD. Or even still how Oprah Winfrey has over 1,000,000 people checking in on what she is doing at that particular moment, or why ANYONE cares about what Ashton Kutcher is thinking…


But, maybe that’s the point. It’s about building something. Not just adding something to the social network, but taking something away. Something of value. Not just commenting or following, but actually contributing. العاب قمار حقيقي Not setting out to conquer the world, but knowing that with a few baby steps you might actually get somewhere, or meet someone that will progress you or your business in whatever it is that you do.

Take our friend Oprah as mentioned above… She updates her fans on what’s going to be on her show, what’s going to be in her magazine, what books she is reading for her book club, these people are informed, they are up-to-date! And they eat it up! WHY? Because THEY DO CARE about what Oprah is doing!


THAT, my friends and followers (mom, dad, and my girlfriend) is something we can’t overlook, THAT IS AMAZING! THAT IS POWERFUL!

So when you take a step back from all the madness, from all the insanity that is social networking and social MARKETING. تنزيل العاب اون لاين You realize that it is just one big tasty irresistible pie (not a super-mega cheesy hotdog at 4AM) and everyone out there (if interested) should have themselves a gigantic piece. Everyone should plug themselves in and see what’s goin’ on… EXPLORE THE POSSIBILITIES, EXPAND YOUR HORIZONS, GET YOURSELF OUT THERE!

(Just don’t follow Ashton Kutcher…please…for me…)

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Brian Tipton, Art Director

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