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Written By Darren Seys - June 8, 2009

Hello World,

So this summer I’m interning at Peak 7 in their graphic design department. Among the hundreds and hundreds applicants that inquired, they chose me. Not because of my super graphic design skills or my dashing good looks. But because my last name is lotion, according to them at least.

Since I’ve started here, I’ve learned that college doesn’t do much to prepare you for the real world of advertising and graphic design. They didn’t teach me about bleeds and photoshopping techniques. I know what you’re thinking, he’s probably one of those lazy kids in class. WRONG. I was the class starter, always striving to be on top. I’m pretty lucky that the peak seven staff has been pretty helpful in, let’s say, guiding me towards the proper way to do this. Brian and Stacy make sure I’m in the know with all the graphic design stuff.

Both of which have their own blogs, but this is me time. Luis takes care of web design stuff that I’m completely oblivious in. Josh talks advertising all day. And I’m not going too in depth about the rest of the staff cause we’ve got blogs on here.

Anyways, I’ll keep this one short cause I’m sure there’s some over grunt work I should be doing. Be well and check back often. Peace.

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Danny Lotion, Intern

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