Written By Darren Seys - November 1, 2006

PARKLAND, Fla.—The online auction Web site eBay promises to connect individuals and small businesses for the exchange of goods and services.
This summer, two of the site’s passionate South Florida users crossed paths to bring awareness to a Plagiocephaly, the malformation of the head marked by an oblique slant to the main axis of the skull.
Eleven-month old Leila Marcoff was born with the condition, which requires her to wear a special helmet 23-hours per day for two to four months to improve the symmetry of her head.
Her mother, Alison Marcoff, a Boynton Beach resident, thought of a creative plan to help offset the cost of the $4,000 helmet—auctioning advertising space on the helmet on eBay’s Web site.
Parkland resident and owner of Peak Seven Advertising, Darren Seys, viewed Marcoff’s listing and entered an active bid. The auction was then halted by eBay, citing a violation of its charity policy.
After learning of the dilemma, Darren contacted Marcoff and offered to create kid-friendly graphics instead of company logos for the helmet at no charge. Wanting to design a “for kids by kids” feel, Peak Seven Operations Manager Billy Leonard volunteered his 8-year-old daughter, Jacey, to create the artwork, which was then enhanced by the Peak Seven team.
“We are really thrilled that we were able to provide our creative services,” said Darren Seys. “Our entire team got involved with the project. Even our vendor Pro Ad Signs joined in by donating the materials and the manpower to create the adhesive graphics.”
On July 13, Leila received her new helmet. The ad agency also presented a check to Marcoff in the amount of $500 to assist with medical expenses.
“Many people are unaware of Plagiocephaly,” added Seys. “Ultimately, I hope the helmet serves as a conversation piece and increases awareness of the condition.”
Seys and his wife, Shelbie, are actively involved in several charitable organizations throughout South Florida including Big Brothers Big Sisters, a youth mentoring program, Paws With A Cause, an organization which trains assistance dogs for people with disabilities, and Stand Among Friends, an organization focused on the study of neurological disorders.

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