Social Marketing – Tips and Truths

Written By Darren Seys - January 15, 2010
A lot of organizations want to just jump right into the unknown world (well, to most of society) of Social Networking because they have heard from someone somewhere that everyone has to be on social networking sites. Not only is this not true, but takes a great deal of time and potentially a lot of money.

But for those brave souls who have or are trying to venture out into the vast unknown of the “Twitterverse” and have shared information with millions of friends and followers on Facebook and MySpace here are some tips to consider when establishing your social media presence.

First, be sure to create a brandthat is consistent among different sites. For instance, Peak Seven remains consistent with their name, graphics and basic designs from website to website. Check out Peak Seven on Facebook , Youtube and Twitter. A website like NameChk is a great resource to check your username and be sure it is available across different social mediums – and it’s really cool.

Next, as any good Social Marketing Guru knows, it is crucial to network with all of your social marketing platforms – link your Twitter to your Facebook and your blog to your LinkedIn. In other words make it easy for your clients, potential clients and people who just like what you do to know what you’re doing.


Ok, so you’ve created your brand and linked it all together now what? It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist (although it could be cool to be one) to figure out that it’s going to take some work to get people on your page and to keep them there.

It’s important to serve as a resource by offering suggestions and advice. Also your page will continue to be engaging if you keep your followers and fans up to date on new technologies and trends.

Another way to increase readership is by creating contests that stimulate participation – offer gift certificates, free services or even weekly deals.

Lastly, listen to what clients are saying and encourage discussion by posting questions through surveys and discussion boards. With that said enjoy your endeavor into the never ending abyss of social networking. Good Luck.

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